Is It Mandatory To Update Marital Status In Passport?

How soon after marriage do you have to change your passport?

Get a new passport before the ceremony You can apply for a passport in your new name up to 3 months before your marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

Your old passport will be cancelled.

Your new passport is ‘post-dated’ – you cannot use it before the ceremony..

Does name change affect passport?

Once you legally change your name with the Social Security Administration, your passport is no longer valid; the only way to restore its validity is by updating your name with the State Department, too. If you have certifiable proof your name change, t his can be done quickly and easily through the mail.

Can I remove spouse name from passport without divorce?

Original passport with a self-attested photocopy of the first and last two pages. Copy of death certificate of spouse (in case of death of spouse) In case the applicant is applying for deletion of the spouse’s name due to divorce, then a Certified Copy of the Divorce Decree and Sworn Affidavit/Deed Poll(Annexure ‘E’)

Can I put single instead of divorce?

You can be considered as single if you have never been married, were married but then divorced, or have lost your spouse.

Can husband and wife have different address in passport?

No, it is not mandatory to have wife address same as husband address during passport re-issue. As Viny has suggested, please always use current address (that means, where an applicant is currently living) as the address for applicant. It has nothing to do with the address of relatives.

Can you still use your passport with your maiden name?

Answer: Ideally, your passport would have your current, legal name in it. However, you should not have any problem using a passport with your maiden name and your marriage certificate if you travel by land or sea. … TSA’s Secure Flight Program requires the name on your ticket match the name in your passport.

How do I change my status after marriage?

Name Change After Marriage Checklist:Get your marriage certificate.Get a new Social Security card.Get a new driver’s license or state ID card.Update your vehicle title and registration information.Update your Passport.Update your voter registration information.More items…•

Is marital status required in passport?

Not needed. Passports do not have marital status mentioned anywhere. … The status of my passport application is “has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”.

Is it compulsory to change name in passport after marriage?

No Need To Change Name On Passport After Marriage, PM Narendra Modi Tells Women. … According to the passport website, uptill now, to change the name in the passport after marriage, one had to apply for a “re-issue” and get the specified change done in the name.

How do I change my marital status on my passport?

Here are the requirements for passport renewal due to change of name due to marriage as per Department of Foreign Affairs:Personal appearance.Confirmed appointment.Duly accomplished application form.Current Passport with photocopy of the bio-data page.Original PSA authenticated Marriage Contract.More items…•