What To Do If Someone Refuses To Give Insurance Details?

What do you do if someone won’t give your insurance information?

It is possible for you to get everything you need even if the driver refuses to cooperate and show you his or her insurance card.Report the Accident to the Police.

Remain Calm and Wait for the Police to Arrive.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company.

Consider Your Legal Options.More items…•.

What happens if a driver refuses to give insurance details?

If the driver refused to show insurance information because he isn’t insured, significant penalties could be imposed on him. Some states will even impose administrative or criminal penalties. Just about every state will impose fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Is it an Offence not to provide insurance details?

If nobody has been injured as a result of the accident, there’s no legal requirement to provide details of your car insurance, but it might speed up the claims process if you exchange insurance company details and policy numbers.

How do I get insurance information after an accident?

Insurance companies generally recommend you collect the following information at the accident scene:The driver’s name.Name and phone number of the driver’s insurance company.Insurance policy number and expiration date from the insurance card.Vehicle details, including make, model, color and license plate number.More items…•

What information needs to be exchanged after an accident?

According to the III, here’s the most important information drivers should exchange after an accident: Full name and contact information. Insurance company and policy number. Driver’s license and license plate number.

What do you do in a minor car accident with no damage?

Call 911: Even if you think the accident was a few dents with no injuries, call the police. This is non-negotiable, so don’t let the other driver try to talk you out of calling the cops or involving the insurance company. Give the dispatcher your location. If you aren’t sure if you are hurt, ask for medical help.